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MoonWhy is the Moon Important


The Moon is incredibly important in horoscope reading because it plays a very vital role in the world of Astrology, just as it does for life on our planet. In case you are not aware, more violent crimes occur at night during the rising of the Full Moon. Beyond this, people are known to experience anxiety more than usual during this period. Even the Ocean’s tide is affected by the power of the Full Moon; birds migrate from one location to another through the Moon’s light. In fact, the Moon’s effect on planet life has remained a mystery for thousands of years or for as long as man can remember.

In Tarot, there is a special card dedicated to the Moon and it is called “The Moon” or “La Luna.” This tarot card symbolizes feminism or the maternal side of life. It symbolizes the side in us that is loving, nurturing, and caring. When your Card is being read and the Moon appears, it is an indication that you should pay a lot more attention to the part of you that is feminine.

In astrology, the Moon also represents our impassioned nature, which is different from the Sun sign, which signifies our identity or the rising Sun, which describes how other people see you. The Moon is actually the part inside ourselves that we never show to anyone. It is a part of ourselves that only we can see for it is always present in us. The Moon is that calm voice inside your head that tells you what you feel about something and what sentiments you are experiencing currently. It is the inner world that can be accessed by you and you alone. In Horoscope, the Moon throws more light on the emotions you feel at any given time.

The Moon is the ruling sign of Cancer, which is a known motherly sign, full of love, care, and is emotionally intuitive. The house and sign that houses your Moon at the time and day of your birth will influence your emotional nature. In a different element, the Moon triggers multiple emotional responses in every individual.

Types of Moon

There are different types of Moon and they represent different things.

Water Moon

The Water Moon is of an incredibly complex and deep emotional nature. People who are of the Water Moon resonate with a very deep emotional intuition and they can be very sensitive to energies present in their material environment. If you are of the Water Moon, you will find it hard controlling your emotions as there will be several ups and downs in your life.


Those with the Earth-Moon are more practical in their emotional approach. They will often rationalize their feelings without overly displaying dramatic emotional outbursts when under stress. People of this ilk can often come across as unemotional beings, but this is not always the case. They only seek to maintain maximum control over their emotions the best way they can.

Air Moon

Air Moon people feel emotions the same way others will feel thoughts and ideas. People with this Moon find it hard to differentiate between a passing idea or thought and an actual emotion. If you are an Air Moon person, you will normally be flaky and indecisive as you tend not to understand or trust your own feeling due to a lack of proper emotional interpretation.

Fire Moon

Those with the Fire Moon are very emotional and sensitive in nature just like fire. They can go from warmth or peace to destructive outbursts that will catch those around them by surprise. These people tend to act based on how they feel at the moment and they are known to make extremely irrational decisions that they live to regret later on. If you are a Fire Moon individual, whenever you are angry or under tension, you need to take a momentary pause and reflect on your emotions before you let it get the better of you. Before you speak or act, dwell more on the consequences of your action rather than your present feelings.

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