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AstrologyScorpio Season


Scorpio season will commence on October 23 and last until November 22. In Astrology, this season is all about intensifying our actions as we strive for a particular goal. This season, we will not be contented with a simple explanation; we want to know all the details. In Tarot, Scorpio is the Death card, and this season, we will experience a lot of emotional highs and lows as we transform our inner self and gain freedom from what does not serve our interest. What effect will the Scorpio season have on your horoscope this month? Read on to gain insight


If you are an Aries Sign, the Sun will move through your number 8th house, so letting go of negative emotions such as anger that do not serve your interest will be quite challenging. Do not bottle everything inside of you, but make sure you release your inner frustrations through a healthy outlet. Doing so will transform your emotional state for the better.


If you are a Taurus, you will need to dedicate more time and focus on your relationships and partnerships. Developing a more profound connection with those that you love and value should be your most crucial objective in this Scorpio season.


For Gemini individuals, now is the time to engage in some hard to detoxify yourself. During this period, some responsibilities will require your attention, and if you do not take your health seriously, you might fall ill. Endeavor to eat mostly fresh food and do many exercises to maintain your physical fitness.


Let your creative juices flow, oh Children of Cancer! If you do, you will successfully tap from the depth of your emotions on an extraordinary level. In addition to this, you will be able to channel your feelings towards fantastic creativity. Be sure to express yourself as best as you can.


Dear Leo, if there was ever an ideal time to resolve those long-standing family issues of yours, now is the time!  Your main goal this season should be to create feelings of peace, love, and harmony in your family. You must be willing to do all that it takes to achieve this goal.


At this juncture, there is no need to hold onto grudges of the past or negative emotions that have held you bound all this while. With the Sun in your house of communication, you will be able to communicate your heart’s intent to others around you energetically.


Your finances will experience a booming spike this month! This boom may come in the form of a bonus or an unexpected influx of cash! The money will come to you naturally, and you may even end up buying that expensive item you have been eyeing for a while!


Dear Scorpio, this season is all about you! With the Sun in your first house, you might reinvent your appearance in a positive sort of way. Try to let go of the old you to make space for a new and more positive you! Away with the old, in with the new!


Some negative thoughts and emotions that you have been suppressing may rise to the surface when you least expect. With the Sun in the house of your subconscious, your hidden motivations will be made visible for all to see.


If you are a Capricorn individual, you should spend time with your friends to strengthen your relationships a lot more. This season, developing your links should be your top priority. Make time out to connect with your peers.


You might not like it, Aquarian, but you will have to work very hard this month. With the Sun in your Career house, make sure you focus on developing your career this season.


For Pisces individuals, if there was ever a perfect time to study and learn, this will be the time!  This season, you will be able to retain information successfully, and maintaining focus will come naturally to you.

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