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AstrologyMercury Retrograde Season


On the 31st of October this year, Mercury Retrograde Season will return until November 20th, 2019. For those of you who do not know what Mercury represents in Astrology, Mercury is the element that rules our ideas, thoughts, and our ability to communicate with others. In Tarot cards, Mercury is a Magician responsible for magical elements. Fans and lovers of astrology get quite excited whenever Mercury Retrograde transits because it is one of the most popular astrological transitions. This year, Retrograde will have quite an impact on Gemini and Virgo, which are the two signs Mercury rules over. Scorpio will also feel the impact of the retrograde since it is the sign that houses it.

Astrology enthusiasts are advised to analyze the Scorpio Retrograde differently from the way they would often analyze a usual retrograde. Taking certain precautions will also help you immensely. Some precautions include not appending your signature on contracts during the period, not making major travel plans of any sort, or buying technological hardware. During the season, rather than feeling fearful of the adverse effects of the retrograde, Scorpio will challenge you to open your eyes and senses and to become a lot more aware of general things you often overlook as being unimportant.

Scorpio elicits deep introspection and will direct you to help you see yourself in clear detail. The sign aids us in understanding our uniqueness and differences. Through the lenses of Scorpio, we will learn to understand how we connect with others and how we fit into the material world. Scorpio shows us what we are. The sign, Scorpio, encourages self-acceptance despite the veil of darkness you may carry inside of you. In this season of the retrograde, let Scorpio provide you with a magnifying glass to unmask everything about your being that has gone unnoticed for so long a time. The moment you slow down and observe the world around you and that which is inside of you without the need to respond, you will notice those things you never noticed before. This is one of the powers of astrology and one of the things it can do for you.

The world we live in is a fast-paced one and as humans, we are still in the ever-evolving process of evolution at a speed the new world project for us. Mercury retrograde is a period that reveals to us the fact that we are not yet evolving at the pace life wants us to. We are also able to re-assess our adaptation and to adjust ourselves so as to become a lot faster, more productive, and more responsive. Retrograde also shows us how outdated processes and communication systems no longer serve our interests in relaying information, hence the need to constantly change and adapt to the signs and times of the present.

The Scorpio sign is all about rebirth and death, letting go of that which is old so as to attain a higher level of connection with your higher self and developing a true sense of self-understanding. The sign encourages you to let go of the things that are no longer of benefit to you. During this retrograde period, you will discover new ways to erect stronger boundaries, to take care of yourself and others better and to let go of unfavorable habits. Identifying areas in your life that need attention will be very crucial this season.

Finally, identifying the house that encompasses Mercury is vital for encoding the effects that the retrograde will have in your life. Astrology professionals are in the best position to guide you through this year’s Mercury retrograde season with a personalized horoscope reading that will suit your number.