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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

AUG 23-SEP 22

A Virgo is characteristically refined, gentle, thoughtful, and artsy. It’s common that they have great talent in art, speaking, and communication. They give great gifts, and make for comforting friends. They may sometimes be a bit uptight, indecisive, or nosy.

No matter what our sign is, there are certain underlying trends and patterns that can be found in our lives. Astrology is the art and science of identifying, and interpreting, these cosmic trends; and, relating them to our own personal lives in a meaningful way, to help us understand what kinds of problems and opportunities we may have in the near future.

Our mission is to help make you the kind of person that can achieve truly lasting happiness, success, fulfillment, and love.

Every month, you are warmly welcomed to come and consult this web page for our free monthly horoscope reading. We keep you updated with our experts’ advanced readings to predict the month’s best- and worst- in these 4 major categories of your life: Large, Love, Career, and Health.

Large is a reading that looks at the outlook of the month, as a whole- taking into consideration a wide array of possible life events, accidents, and fortunes you may find.

Love is a reading that focuses on your love life, and will provide honest, valuable predictions.

Career is a reading that focuses on your work, including advanced information on things such as potential investments, work-related issues, hidden opportunities, and more.

Health is a reading that focuses on your personal wellbeing, mentally and physically, and helps you take steps to prepare yourself to feel as good as possible.


Super trine of Earth in your sign, formed by Uranus transformist in Taurus and the trio Jupiter, Pluto and from this month also reassuring Saturn returned to Capricorn, where he will remain for the whole year. Support also from sensitive Mercury in sextile, arm in arm with the Sun until 22, will make you play well against the opposition of chaotic Neptune and the unreliable quadrature of Venus throughout the month.


A long month full of fantasies, splendid and unattainable for lonely hearts, anxious for those who have a partner but fear that someone will blow it, strange signals create alarm! The consolation prize remains friendships, someone who spins you is there (and maybe just a queue!), The choice is yours to stay on the vague or change register: less shyness, less silence and some intriguing look that speaks for you! Tensions between brothers do not understand you, and you do not understand them, better with adolescent children, who after a worrying phase of mutism finally return to open. Goddamn eroticism: who said you were bigoted? A rival or an ex determined to take revenge.


Splendid ideas and exciting projects, only a sponsor or a more reliable partner, is missing, the other cases will slow you down, with their uncertainties and lukewarm interest in your proposals, currently considered out of place. Serene or at least solidarity the relationship with colleagues, all united to claim the right to work and a dutiful increase in salary, or the promised class integration and never arrived. Some income comes but is immediately sucked in by unexpected debts, taxes or fines, the fault of your distraction that makes you collect mistakes at the wheel or park in a prohibited park. Exam passed with a stroke of luck, but intelligence and preparation would deserve a higher mark.


Hypochondriacs greedy for sound advice, especially if there are doctors, nurses, herbalists in the company, but be careful not to abuse their availability: they will begin to turn you away, also because judging by their appearance you are better than they are! To keep under control the mouth and gums, exposed to the risk of severe inflammation, the respiratory system is also under a little pressure, especially for those who live in the city, also polluted in July: with the cooperation of air conditioning, it is not written by anyone it starts that bronchitis and colds don’t come in summer … Few leisures and even less sport, here is the secret cause of your ailments: let yourself be convinced by more cheerful and casual friends, after a weekend of madness you too will regain colour!

Master-Grade - Personalized Readings

The free monthly horoscope reading gives a solid, steady ground to help prepare any zodiac prepare themself for the coming month. However, life is more complicated than any one general zodiac horoscope can perfectly predict.

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