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Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

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It was an unexpected birthday with the strong-willed and sensual Sun starting from 19, preceded until three by Venus, your celestial guide, delightful, and followed by the weighted Mercury by 27 onwards. All of the stable and obstinate in your sign, however, made a little more elastic by the now consolidated presence of the unpredictable Uranus. Support also broke by Pluto and Jupiter, very powerful in trine, and by imaginative Neptune in sextile accompanied until 11 by intuitive and dreamer Mercury. A good army, therefore, able to face the hostilities declared by the terrible duet, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius at the zenith, two hard and rebellious planets, challenging to keep at bay.


Unusually possessive or perhaps only insecure, tried by too many changes, now the need for stability is far more reliable. After initial hesitation, sex and feeling return to march hand in hand, in sex, you find a confirmation of your charm and grip on the other, if you cannot travel the world … you do it in bed! Dialogue difficulty overcomes only at the end of the month when jealousy stops making conjectures in silence and comes into the open venting without hesitation. Undecided eroticism, at times, explosive, at times in plaster, the puppets in the next room or the emotional situation of the moment will be influenced. Good friends with whom you can exchange advice and favors.


All quiet until the last week, pleasantly energized by hopes of recovery, despite the present problems, you start looking a little further, planning your investments. Your intuition, and organizational spirit will not leave you alone. Clutches with the boss, certainly not a sugary, but neither are you, rebellious against any statement that sounds like an order. Spruce and spesone online for the pleasure of seducing, feeling good even with the image will also guarantee emotional security.


The perfect physical shape, health comes from the plate and with the high spring vegetables, rich in vitamins and salts, you will gain a radiant skin, the strength of your sign, and an excellent vitality. Muscular muscle contractures are the basis of neck pain, but migraines are exclusively the result of stress. Contrast it with sweet medicines; oriental practices will awaken your interest. Creative cuisine will also be an excellent valve to vent, as will singing, music, and dance embracing the mop!

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