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Scorpio Monthly Forecast

OCT 23-NOV 21

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Heaven in sheep above your head, in your favor, the star guides Pluto arm in arm with Jupiter, fair and pacifist in sextile. Equally promising is the tender and refined ray of Neptune, Aquatic in trine, accompanied until 11 by poetic Mercury. It is a pity that the little one will not always be so soft towards you; on the 27th, he will join the Sun, obstinate in the opposition, together with unpredictable Uranus, all those preceded until three by erotomaniac and possessive Venus. And this will still be nothing compared to the double quadrature of the two “bad guys” of the Solar System, Mars and Saturn evil in Aquarius, allies on purpose to give you a hard time.


Unpredictable partner, but this is not new now, as natural rusts and tensions between relatives are not, masked by a bon ton fa├žade, but underneath stinging. The innovative element will only arrive in the last week, maybe a new love has broken out or at least consoling flirtation to deceive the time, it will be exciting. You will start by taking it lightly, but then where does it be what come from? Greedy and demanding sensuality, having overcome the first embarrassment in Latvian, you will become explosive (even sexier with a new look). Watch out for jealousy that will come back from time to time, an integral and invincible part of your character.


Quiet work, perhaps done at home, however, telephone collaboration with colleagues. Without worries, investments, which will take a positive turn by surprise. Want a new car or motorbike, but looking at the European financial perspectives, you decide to postpone to better times. No real problems for those who work on their own or have set up a small company, instead the concerns at the company level are inconsistent, with a reorganization structure that everyone talks about, but nobody yet knows anything specific. Intuition, determination, and creativity all in your sleeve, plus you know how to keep quiet, rare quality: you will only speak with good reason. Soft leisures, from DIY to photography, I always dance, in the living room, as long as languid and slow.


Insomnia, accompanied during the day by nervous spurts: it is useless to persist in counting the sheep, so it will be worth taking advantage of the empty hours to carry on with work or to read, enriching the mind is always a good game, even in society. Back pain and sore throat, the nights that are still fresh, spent with too light clothing. Disappointed in the mirror only for a short time: partners and friends will convince you that you are in perfect shape and won’t have to change even a comma.

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