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Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

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Many offer friendship, starting with the acid couple of Mars-Saturn in Aquarius, hostile to all but not to you. High affinity, courage, and enthusiasm from the stars in Aries, precisely Mercury between 11 and 27, already repented for having confused your ideas in agreement with unreliable Neptune in quadrature, then the honest and courageous Sun until 19. The same cannot be said of Venus, mischievous and a liar in Gemini for almost the whole month, precisely from the 3rd onwards.


April will be the month of love, the partner will do everything to make you happy or if he knows he was wrong to win you back, covering you with gifts, poetic phrases, and sweet promises. The beauty is that this time you can believe it, it will be severe even in the marriage proposal that will leave you breathless. For your part, initially, you will run out of words, also because the ring in the egg will leave you breathless, but then by taking it back, you will tell him all your love and gratitude for having met him. With your wise support, they can withstand even these enclosed weeks. Congratulations to you who dedicate to them as much time as possible by brushing up on your childhood games but also inventing new ones.


The highlight of the month, driven by a sense of duty that focuses on recognizing great qualities. Encouraged by a lot of enthusiasm, you will make work the number one goal; success will be the dominant thought, followed closely by the finances, where between ups and downs, you will be able to get by, saving investments in a corner. Incredible but true the recovery of a credit in which you didn’t even hope anymore. Art and DIY protagonists of the weekends, even more fun with the help of online tutorials.


Alternate of fatigue and super work, with an alternating up and down that, would destroy a tank, but not you, much more resistant than you seem. In addition to the liver, always a little careless in your sign, the kidneys will remain another weak point, with possible water retention effects as soon as you overdo it with sausages and salt. Yes, to the green tea that moves the diuresis, better yet the decoction of meadowsweet or cherry stalks.

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