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Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

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Your governor Neptune is lovely until 11 in arm with dreamer Mercury to prevent you from getting lost in the sea of fantasy. However, the wise Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, in sextile, provide. The same aspect, always realizable, followed on 19 by the reassuring Sun and on 27 by quiet and reflective Mercury, all of them under the aegis of Uranus, who while passing through a modest sign of Earth, will pleasantly enliven your spring days with new ideas and exciting creative ideas.


Eternal distracted, taken by a thousand interests and delusions, with the risk of the dearest affections. The partner, the friends, the family members who will finally decide to face you openly at the end of the month, opening that dialogue that you should have started already years and years ago. It is essential to appreciate the beautiful qualities of those close to you, you have a partner who is a treasure, but you seem to forget it too often, taken from the work grains or fantasies that always make you far. Mischievous friendships will plug the voids of lonely hearts and who knows if a chat is going on in an incendiary passion.


A lot of work in the studies and the budgets that unfortunately never return, and if you have exaggerated with the expenses, you will now shed your right crocodile tear, swearing and perjuring never to fall for it again. Free only those who have spent on the home and furnishings or on the garden, however durable goods that will mark essential milestones and make your life more comfortable. Want to book air tickets and vacation packages, but also spas, dinners, obviously to be enjoyed further, but you are still held back by fear and uncertainty. So at least for now, nothing is done.


Health good unless you are dealing with the aftermath of a disease that has left you tired and a little weak. It is useful to do a short walk around your home. It is an excellent exercise to breathe and tone your muscles. It is essential to make some changes to the kitchen, which is already appealing and light, but not attentive enough to intolerances, unfortunately, one of the black beasts in your sign. Skin to protect, for its sensitivity, the caress of the spring sun will already be too rough. But the worst is the chocolate effect, recommend only Easter eggs in miniature format!

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