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Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

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Your friend Venus is nice, as well as astro guide in trine to yours already starting from 3, as well as her lover Mars, extravagant arm in arm with the wise Saturn, in Aquarius for the whole month. Too bad that the other stars in the sky are not so available to you: Mercury, for example, becomes animated at the opposition between 11 and 27, arm in arm with the impulsive Sun until 19, not to mention the malicious looks launched by Jupiter and Pluto, domineering in quadrature.


Excellent time for love and it would be wonderful if it were allowed to leave the house, travel, and participate in parties, in short, to do the life of the first. But being alive, in this dramatic moment, is already a gift, thank the excellent star and be happy. Happy Easter in the family, impossible to share festive with friends, but the meeting can be done anyway, joining the hearts as if they were cups to toast the spring, the renewal, and the health of the whole planet, men, animals, plants, sea, and sky. Sincere and constructive dialogue with the partner, in moments when the agreement is strengthened first in bed, then in everyday life.


Decidedly subordinate to the heart, in the company the usual routine, on the phone to deal with a business, you will encounter slight linguistic difficulties, to be compensated with a course. Tensions for those struggling with partners in full disagreement, but taking things calmly, you will avoid the parry, able to face the emergency for a while longer. Take advantage of the downtime to acculturate yourself on your favorite subjects, art, and literature in the foreground. With the support of popularizers, you will feel like traveling, even if you do not go out of the house. In standby, a real estate purchase, the opportunities are excellent. Still, it will be a matter of being patient a little longer before being able to sign the compromise or the deed before the notary.


Health without infamy and praise, with some sporadic allergic phenomenon, reduced because you will go out less, the countryside, unless you live there, this month you will see it only with binoculars. The situation improves after Easter. Instead, the burning in the eyes and above all the feeling of heaviness in the stomach remains active because if it is true that this year we are not celebrating with the family, nothing prevents you from stuffing yourself with succulent saucers, but too seasoned compared the usual trend. Then add the reduced sport if not wholly suspended, and play force will be put on a few pounds. However, always beautiful, with an exotic touch in the look, you will make more sensation, too bad that no one sees you except in photos. And then post hundreds, delighting your narcissism.

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