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Libra Monthly Horoscope

SEP 23-OCT 22

A Libra is characteristically defined by strong social skills and great communication. They are honest, open, and often quite charismatic. They may have issues related to being lazy, hesitant, and slow.

No matter what our sign is, there are certain underlying trends and patterns that can be found in our lives. Astrology is the art and science of identifying, and interpreting, these cosmic trends; and, relating them to our own personal lives in a meaningful way, to help us understand what kinds of problems and opportunities we may have in the near future.

Our mission is to help make you the kind of person that can achieve truly lasting happiness, success, fulfillment, and love.

Every month, you are warmly welcomed to come and consult this web page for our free monthly horoscope reading. We keep you updated with our experts’ advanced readings to predict the month’s best- and worst- in these 4 major categories of your life: Large, Love, Career, and Health.

Large is a reading that looks at the outlook of the month, as a whole- taking into consideration a wide array of possible life events, accidents, and fortunes you may find.

Love is a reading that focuses on your love life, and will provide honest, valuable predictions.

Career is a reading that focuses on your work, including advanced information on things such as potential investments, work-related issues, hidden opportunities, and more.

Health is a reading that focuses on your personal wellbeing, mentally and physically, and helps you take steps to prepare yourself to feel as good as possible.


Hard times for you, under fire from Mars in the opposition not only for this month but until the end of the year, united against you with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, returned from day 1 in Capricorn, all demanding in quadrature. And they are not the only ones, the same aspect, complicated for you, even by susceptible Mercury, arm in arm until 22 with the lazy Sun and useless in Zenit Cancer. Then, fortunately, the star of the day takes off again, giving you pleasant days thanks to his passage in Leo, an honest and generous sign, in sextile to yours.


Splendid period, with the crème in the third decade, the handsome guy just met on the road comes alive with a shower of messages, all exaggerated, but so exciting! Suddenly, tastes, expectations and characters on stage change, between old loves on leave and new friends ready to replace them. Otherwise, things go for couples already tested, nervous about the heat or the job that does not turn; the partner shows an unpleasant and aggressive side, maybe a real surprise for you who have known and married him sweet as candy and tender as a puppy … admittedly from an erotic point of view, it becomes more apparent from day to day but … there is not only the bed, but there is also the heart! Excitable but confused until the last days of the month, when you return to the ranks and start to decide calmly.


The mind is already focused on travel, not only for pleasure. However, you also move for work or culture, looking under other skies for what you cannot find—little money in your pocket, but some good ideas to move the waters and change the situation. Not immediately, however, wait for the end of the month, when a friend will give you the correct entry. Quiet, albeit a little flat, addicted work, with a malleable boss who is always ready for dialogue. Compared to the reports of others, even heard casually, you certainly cannot complain … also if occasionally some surprises would please you too! Exams passed with a little effort but excellent results, complications instead of a lawsuit, a deed or other bureaucratic documents more complicated than they should be!


A couple of weeks a little limping, with the immune system struggling with sore throats or typical intestinal viruses. On holidays and hot days, call for creamy desserts and, if you are not sure of the hygienic conditions of the place, also for raw vegetables. Do not rule out some hormonal blunder or the usual back pain, which happens every time you bend over to lift heavy necks in the wrong way: you don’t have to bend your back, but flex your knees! Sports yes but not extreme, penalized by the distraction you risk missteps and some dangerous tumble. Better the last week, but before the holidays the dentist is waiting for you for the usual check-up. In the wardrobe, red or black, the first makes you aggressive, the second depressed: yes, instead, in pastel shades, recommended by summer 2020 fashion, old pink and sage green, perfect shades for your sign … moreover, signed by Venus, the lady of nature.

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