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Leo Monthly Forecast

JUL 23-AVG 22

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A stressful period for you. As if that were not enough, at the zenith in quadrature, you also find revolutionary Uranus, accompanied until three by Venus jealous, then from 19 onwards by the obstinate Sun, finally by 27 even by meticulous Mercury. Fortunately, however, all three before the turnaround will have given you something good, fast and frank Mercury from 11 to 27, and the gritty Sun from 19, both in Aries, a sign of Fire in trine to yours. At the same time, Venus, after only three days in a lousy mood entering Gemini, offers you friendship and companionship for the whole month.


Three weeks, you are regretting the love lost for a fatal quarrel. All the fault of the partner, you will repeat yourself obsessively. Still, the Talking Cricket who thinks differently will instill Hamlet doubt in your mind: half of the fault is also yours, too many tensions, nervousness, detachment. It is useless to cry over spilled milk: rest assured, the space to revive is there, want it actively, and give up pride. Pastel shades, on the other hand, on the friendship front, if something is boiling in the pot and the heart is free, moving on to love will be automatic.


The highlight of the whole month, characterized by strong ambitions and courageous projects, quite demanding. All the credentials to carry them forward to the launch pad, with the usual determination and charisma that distinguish you. At Easter, looking back on the past years, the desire to leave and leave all the tragedies of the moment behind, against government orders and common sense do not go. Re-read Salgari, dive into the beautiful travel diaries of famous people; you will still take the suitcase in your hand, even without moving from the sofa at home. Finances on standby for a couple of weeks, you will finally return to browse the Financial Times without risk of the heartbeat.


Judging by your vitality, you would say that you are very well. Still, looking at you more carefully, pale complexion, and deep dark circles, it will be easy to understand that something is not going in the right direction. If you complicate eggs and doves, you will feel like barrels, recovering a dazzling shape will not be difficult, you will find it on the plate, halving the portions and preferring seasonal vegetables. Also, an excellent idea to practice yoga in the living room or on the terrace, you will set an excellent example for others. The surprise in the egg: a professional change, considered catastrophic, will instead prove to be an exceptional springboard. Password, start again!

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