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Leo Monthly Horoscope

JUL 23-AVG 22

A Leo is characteristically headstrong, bold, confident, and even arrogant. Their strength is also their weakness, in many ways, and vice versa. They can be highly charismatic and get great pleasure from charitability, but can get into problems with their arrogance and their temper.

No matter what our sign is, there are certain underlying trends and patterns that can be found in our lives. Astrology is the art and science of identifying, and interpreting, these cosmic trends; and, relating them to our own personal lives in a meaningful way, to help us understand what kinds of problems and opportunities we may have in the near future.

Our mission is to help make you the kind of person that can achieve truly lasting happiness, success, fulfillment, and love.

Every month, you are warmly welcomed to come and consult this web page for our free monthly horoscope reading. We keep you updated with our experts’ advanced readings to predict the month’s best- and worst- in these 4 major categories of your life: Large, Love, Career, and Health.

Large is a reading that looks at the outlook of the month, as a whole- taking into consideration a wide array of possible life events, accidents, and fortunes you may find.

Love is a reading that focuses on your love life, and will provide honest, valuable predictions.

Career is a reading that focuses on your work, including advanced information on things such as potential investments, work-related issues, hidden opportunities, and more.

Health is a reading that focuses on your personal wellbeing, mentally and physically, and helps you take steps to prepare yourself to feel as good as possible.


Happy birthday from 22, when the Sun will triumphantly sign, immediately forming a stimulating trine with courageous Mars in Aries and a sextile with his lover Venus witty in Gemini. The only disturbing element is the electric Uranus at the zenith, otherwise, everything is silent … and then you sing.


Warm and sincere heart, open to affections and very generous with everyone, friends and relatives and acquaintances. And in particular, the front of friends will be the most rewarding in terms of confirmations and conquests, the journey enlivens the love life, and if after a keen disappointment you do not feel like making commitments, nobody will have any harm … you are right and the others they prove you correct! The only flaw that can be attributed to you today is the lack of dialogue, strange for a communicative Lion, but your problems tend to keep them all inside, in case you give ear with a reassuring smile to those of others. Not excluded some tension in the family, with acid comments that hit the mark. The authors are the usual in-laws or the jealous little brother of your success.


Charisma and timing the arrows in the quiver, even if you are leaving until the last minute carry out your commitments: even before pleasure comes the sense of duty and the cult of your professional image, to defend your creativity you would also be willing to give up a fabulous holiday … the one you care about very much, which emotionally sanctions the effective end of your lengthy lockdown. Between departures and returns, however, you are always on the road, the business does not wait: anxious but very truthful awareness, the third millennium has accelerated times out of all proportion! Exams passed with a touch of a hand, if you aim at a foreign faculty or a master abroad breathe … you have been admitted!


Aches and pains until the last week, when you enter the birthday area, especially to the detriment of the stomach and spine (especially the cervical tract), but also the kidneys and knees the weak points of the moment, a sign that you are fatigued. It doesn’t seem to see you, and it’s because you are adrenaline and coffee, with your nervous system revving up and increasingly annoying insomnia. You dream of long sleep and naps by the sea, but when you finally get there you discover that you can’t get even standstill … awesome the birthday cake and the affection of those who wish you well, all of a sudden regain tone, vitality and appetite.

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