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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

MAY 21-JUNE 20

A Gemini is characteristically upbeat, decisive, witty, charming, and thoughtful. They’re the life of the party, and often have lots of people that want the pleasure of their attention. A Gemini can often have issues with indecisiveness or uncertainty, especially for major life decisions.

No matter what our sign is, there are certain underlying trends and patterns that can be found in our lives. Astrology is the art and science of identifying, and interpreting, these cosmic trends; and, relating them to our own personal lives in a meaningful way, to help us understand what kinds of problems and opportunities we may have in the near future.

Our mission is to help make you the kind of person that can achieve truly lasting happiness, success, fulfillment, and love.

Every month, you are warmly welcomed to come and consult this web page for our free monthly horoscope reading. We keep you updated with our experts’ advanced readings to predict the month’s best- and worst- in these 4 major categories of your life: Large, Love, Career, and Health.

Large is a reading that looks at the outlook of the month, as a whole- taking into consideration a wide array of possible life events, accidents, and fortunes you may find.

Love is a reading that focuses on your love life, and will provide honest, valuable predictions.

Career is a reading that focuses on your work, including advanced information on things such as potential investments, work-related issues, hidden opportunities, and more.

Health is a reading that focuses on your personal wellbeing, mentally and physically, and helps you take steps to prepare yourself to feel as good as possible.


Happy birthday to you of the second and third decade, with your guiding star Mercury acute and eclectic in the sign for the whole month. To accompany him, in addition to the sparkling and playful sun until the 2nd, the beautiful Venus for only two days, however, she will return to smile at him on the 27th, running in Leo, where her lover Mars, theatrical and passionate, awaits her from the 11th. In your favor, also calm and philosophical Saturn in trine, while Jupiter embraced an imaginative but confusing Neptune will risk making you exaggerate on several fronts.


Since last month, delights and troubles have the features of Jupiter, delightful at the zenith, exaggerated, life-man, sometimes naive like Little Red Riding Hood, but with an immense heart. As a couple, we talk a lot, aiming to orient the relationship on a more stable feeling, where nostalgia for the way we were and the enthusiasm for how we will be is also very important. To make the partner jealous and test his feelings, all that remains is to flutter here and there, taken as he is by you he will do circus numbers to keep you close, if he still prevaricated in front of the prospect of confetti, now he or she will do the first step! Some clashes between brothers or neighbors, it is true that you have become champions of peace, but everything has a limit.


Brought to you for business, you already prove it in kindergarten and as you grow up you only get better! Also good at school and with the promotion in your pocket, even if it will not be tireless study but a stroke of luck to get it for you! The negotiations are also lucky, the credit is not yours alone, but also of the interlocutor who is so open and available as to indulge in the biggest piece of cake without flinching. Generous the boss, always a little distracted and willing to turn a blind eye to the mistake that escapes you too, gives you the utmost confidence and you are grateful to him. The sore point of the trips is that you give up on the long ones, while the short ones, with a lot of traffic on the roads, make you hysterical. The finances are discreet, aimed at voluptuous purchases or organic food, a risky step but in the long run winning the purchase of the holiday cottage or a change of furniture with some retro touch. Birthday present a new bike.


The first impression is of exuberance, very sporty, never still, always darting and competitive. The flaws, however, are also there for you, at the forefront of a fragile immune system, a capricious liver and fatigue, perhaps the workouts tire you excessively … even if you are not willing to admit it! Watch out for slips, scratches and bruises punish the distracted and do not overdo it with spices, which flavor the dishes but in excessive doses cause annoying inflammation. Beautiful skin and silky hair, pride for you and pleasure for those who caress them, almond oil will work wonders.


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