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Gemini Monthly Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20

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You are starring the beautiful Venus, charming and seductive like the fragrant spring wind, in your sign starting from 3. Many are courting her, in addition to her lover Mars, more extravagant than usual, accompanied by Saturn scholar, both in Aquarius, a sign of ‘Aria like yours. Friendship without shadows also from the Sun, courageous and sincere in sextile until 19, and from your star guide Mercury, too impulsive in Aries between 11 and 27. Until then, confused between lies and illusory fantasies, a specialty of his appears Neptune, at the zenith in quadrature.


Who wants to go out, flirt, show you in all your beauty, always so fresh and young. Instead, you live projected into the past or the future, while the present practically does not exist. As a couple, making love becomes a sweet habit, the relief valve of all tensions, a source of safety as well as pleasure. Between the sheets you cling to each other like castaways and the same attachment, even if in a more moderate tone, you reserve it to friends, with them, you talk a lot. Sometimes even out of turn, but saying some stupid raises morale, even in the most dramatic moments, laughter is therapeutic.


You are satisfied with the work that you manage with great professionalism despite the lack of directives. Problematic only for those who find themselves in the role of the leader without having gained the necessary skills, but if the staff supports you and avoids dwelling on your insecurities, you will soon learn to move with ease. Do not underestimate the risk of unexpected events, more robust after Easter, on the other hand, the finances will turn well, and the investments will have a good hold (and who knows if a legacy or an insurance reimbursement will arrive). On the other hand, a fine, well deserved for the other!


Vitality, sometimes exuberant, sometimes still look too weak, as happens after the flu. The immune system is on alert, struggling with allergic states and severe colds, unusual in April. However, in nature, everything is so distorted that no hypotheses can be risked. You have to keep your guard; precautionary rules will have to be followed to the letter, keeping you away from people. Despite the inconvenience of the moment, nothing to complain about beauty, always fresh and cheeky. Don’t ruin it with the bruise of the absent-minded, bumping into the kitchen door! Sport ever-present, following some popular tutorials.

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