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Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

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Very powerful and charismatic, your tenants, secret Pluto, and talkative Jupiter, both in your sign, in good friendship with imaginative Neptune and until 11 also with creative Mercury. Too bad that since then, the little has changed the flag, allying himself until 27 with the Arietine Sun, impulsive and combative until 19. On that date, however, the star of the day repents, entering Taurus, the current kingdom of Uranus, reached on 27 by Mercury, who takes place left by Venus most faithful already on day 3.


At least until Easter, the great love will remain your four legs and all the animals and plants that inhabit the planet. Of course, you will also love Mother Earth with passion, fighting for her survival, and for the recovery of peace and harmony: beauty will save the world, this is your motto. Surprise courtship from the new colleague, right that you feel alone on the phone or by videoconference, but it is this detail that makes the game more intriguing. Keep the interest alive by posting photos and cute phrases, maybe the half apple you are waiting for is him or her.


In general, you cannot complain, despite the orc-virus, you will all surprise with a vein of confidence in the universe never manifested before. Unfortunately, you will not put as many in the stock markets, worrying enormously both for your business and for your own business, perhaps set up recently. Difficult weeks in the central part, the family would like to help you, but your independent character is used to doing it alone. Even the finances are changing like you, one day spared by blackberries and fines, the next one fleshed out with earnings or credits that you no longer expected.


The feeling of tiredness depends entirely on the kitchen; you will have to change register: less fat and calories, more vegetables, and whole grains. Luckily, you are thin when you are constitution, even if you feel a little softer (probably because you are becoming greedy), don’t worry, a crush at the end of the month will make you fall into the size you were wearing in high school: love is known! Still sore throats and hoarseness, after all your kids force you to scream to be heard. Yoga and meditation will be your doctor and nature, the pharmacist.

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