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Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

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Few benevolent stars on your side, in the front line the Aquatic Neptune, king of dreams, accompanied by intuitive Mercury until 11, when the small planet-god of travel and commerce will turn his back on you reaching the Sun in quadrature. Luckily, you will have both for friends in sextile, the first since 27, the second since 19, in the problematic and obstinate sign of Taurus. On the other hand, the help of Venus is questionable, sensual in sextile only until 3, when she will bark, avoiding to be seen for the rest of the month. Hostilities from Jupiter and Pluto powerful in the opposition will put you in the wheel, but they will occasionally give you some good deals.


Nothing new under the April sun, the partner will remain the usual grumbler, always ready to make free criticisms, but under the battle zest, a solid affection is guessed for you. Not only lovers, therefore, but friends, accomplices, and adventure companions, catching you is almost a game between you, but if you want to relax, just let it be said and go towing: you will rest. The prospects for singles are less happy, you are alone, and you will remain alone, but the monastic condition will begin to weigh you. If you do not find a suggestive surprise in the Easter egg, you will throw in the towel for the whole spring. Harmony is found among relatives, getting away from everyone would not be a good move, even if you sometimes pursue the lone navigator’s dream.


Desire to fight against a rival, who appears to be untouchable. All apologies, yours is pure fear, you would not bear to lose, so give up competing! Complicated business because of a woody interlocutor, at times impatient to conclude, is slow and challenging, but the real obstructions come from the current detention. Therefore you have all the time necessary to reflect, and if you are not convinced to back off in each case will undoubtedly be discussed again after Easter.


Aching note in your sky, still cluttered with clouds, alias sores, and various ailments, is intense and fast or slow and a worrying thread. When you are on the mend or you have overcome the discomfort: the physical one, at least, because then the lovesickness will take over and that which is a severe illness, takes away the smile, making you closed and resentful even who has nothing to do with it. Having to give up the usual Easter trip with friends or relatives will increase your melancholy.

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