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Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

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Mars and Saturn are in your sign, so April opens, almost immediately with the comfort of Venus, who enters Gemini on 3, hoping that you will soon forget the irritation shown in the previous days. Yes, it will make you forgive with sweet and light behavior, perfect for guys like you, frightened by the idea of losing your freedom. You agree with your ideals also in the Arietine Sun, gritty and proactive until 19, and fast in Mercury from 11 to 27, a pity that both then go into the enemy field, or in Taurus. You were mercilessly confronting patterns and prejudices that you refuse to admit.


Magical period, as long as you take away from your mind a romantic character you try to resemble, rebellious par excellence, single by choice. The family is close to you, making you nervous, and even if you don’t admit it, you need points of reference, warmth, and advice from those who love you. A little disappointed by friends, especially in the last week, when they turn out to be more attached to their interests than to you (and to think that you carried them on your palm). Pastel colors on all fronts, couples, children, friendships, with a few brushstrokes of bright red only if someone tries to step on your feet, triggering a gritty counter-reaction.


Creativity will sign the work of the whole month, always controversial and precise, but with an open mind to the new, with some uncertainty or second thoughts only at the end of the month. Nature will be the inspiring muse, but in people’s words and looks, you will find exotic food for thought—shy recovery on the business front, keeping at least telephone contacts. Of course, sometimes slowdowns will have to be taken into account, but with what is happening, you cannot expect better. Reading, but also gymnastics and dancing, is a predominant hobby, provided that it is strictly at home. Tired instead of the social networks, which are becoming an abuse, therefore once the Easter greeting is over, you will turn off your tablet and mobile phone, giving you some peace.


Chronic ailments of inflammatory origin will be stopped if you decide to change your diet and lifestyle immediately. Learning to listen to the body and to decode its language, here is what you will have to do, instead of swallowing medicines and supplements to counteract its side effects. But it will not be enough to deal exclusively with your health; there is also that of loved ones, your pets, the planet itself. Allergies can be controlled by keeping you at a safe distance from plants and food not recommended.

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