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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

JAN 20-FEB 18

An Aquarius is characteristically liberalistic, tolerant, independent, sociable, and can have giving hearts with warm personalities. They might let themselves get used or taken advantage of, due to their generosity and forgiving nature. While often warm and compassionate, they can be fickle and even prone to mood swings.

No matter what our sign is, there are certain underlying trends and patterns that can be found in our lives. Astrology is the art and science of identifying, and interpreting, these cosmic trends; and, relating them to our own personal lives in a meaningful way, to help us understand what kinds of problems and opportunities we may have in the near future.

Our mission is to help make you the kind of person that can achieve truly lasting happiness, success, fulfillment, and love.

Every month, you are warmly welcomed to come and consult this web page for our free monthly horoscope reading. We keep you updated with our experts’ advanced readings to predict the month’s best- and worst- in these 4 major categories of your life: Large, Love, Career, and Health.

Large is a reading that looks at the outlook of the month, as a whole- taking into consideration a wide array of possible life events, accidents, and fortunes you may find.

Love is a reading that focuses on your love life, and will provide honest, valuable predictions.

Career is a reading that focuses on your work, including advanced information on things such as potential investments, work-related issues, hidden opportunities, and more.

Health is a reading that focuses on your personal wellbeing, mentally and physically, and helps you take steps to prepare yourself to feel as good as possible.


Saturn leaves you on day 1 to go back to Capricorn: better for you, who return to feeling free, tickled by mischievous Venus in trine, and rampant Mars in sextile. A few obstructions against you, even if substantial, the first from your star Uranus, now for years in quadrature, the second short but intense, created by the proud and authoritarian Sun in Leo in opposition since 22.


For at least three weeks, you can consider it your magic moment, even if it could put an end to your wildlife and the light and uninhibited love game, away from commitments and promises. Everything can start with a holiday flirt, but this time Cupid does not stop there, he asks for reliable answers, loyalty, and maybe even the ring. Nice trick, this summer, if you find yourself in ceremonial clothes at the altar! Beautiful moments even with puppies, if there is a desire for motherhood, a night of fire can be enough (and if you work, two storks could also come!). New entry on all fours and if a dog or cat is already at home, by chance it will be that you give him a snack companion … the very tender puppy needs affection!


Creative inspirations and ingenious solutions have the door always open, even during holidays! The first fortnight was hectic, with contacts, meetings, and negotiations to be concluded with timing, before the excellent summer blackout. Full days but at a slower pace, refresher courses or new contracts have also been postponed. Meanwhile, we think about the holidays: unplugging is good, it also clears the mind and clarifies any uncertainties. Some obstacles will not be missed, but with your determination you will overcome them with your eyes closed, traveling you will get a different idea of the world, beauty, and problems … idealize, reality must be faced at 360 °! Even before the holidays and undoubtedly immediately afterward, you will finally be ready to launch your challenge; the goal is not money but the realization and a reasonable margin of autonomy in business choices.


Bursting with health, and you can already see it from the look: beautiful skin, silky hair, slender but toned body, stuff to be kissed. Only the nervous system remains excitable, as circulation is one of your weak points. The other is the ankle: therefore, prudence with high heels and sports activities that require speed and skill. Sporadic “path accidents” such as muscle contractures, nervous crises, and headaches when you are under stress, but with the heat that rages and the head that squeezes you like lemon, is the minimum. Even the pressure goes up and down like in an elevator! Fuchsia and electric blue bandits, too aggressive, yes instead in all shades of green, synonymous with hope and good health.

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