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AstrologyAI Vs Humans, Who do Astrology better?


Unlike in the past, horoscope has become very common in society today. You don’t have to be an enthusiast to come across horoscope readings from time to time. You see them everywhere: in the papers, magazines, on the internet, on television and wherever, information is disseminated. Horoscope is a popular aspect of astrology that provides more insight into current events and the future. However, Horoscope is not the only esoteric practice in use today as there are many other practices, some of which are tarot reading and numerology (interpretation of numbers). These practices provide users with a sense of direction, meaning, and understanding of events as they affect their lives. They affirm and help us receive messages from the universe, which can be used as a guide throughout our days on earth. The very first horoscope originated in the second century BC, and ever since then, humanity has gradually turned to the planets and stars to guide us through life. Horoscope is also used to make the right decision, and this has been the case for centuries.

Some Horoscope can be so accurate to a fault, so much so that, when you read them, the correctness of the reading will send shivers down your spine. You will hardly believe the reliability and accuracy of the prediction. Some other horoscopes, on the other hand, maybe vague or inaccurate and full of uninspiring descriptions. In astrology, there is a big difference between a personalized astrology forecast and a generalized forecast that you commonly find on websites that have been generated by computers. The difference between both is like that of a budget burger and a 5-star course cooked by a sue chef. You can’t compare both because of the difference in quality.

Computer-generated horoscopes lack the intuitive touch that any of our professional astrologers have. When a chart is analyzed, for instance, many factors are to be considered, and some of these factors cannot be established and interpreted using computer-generated software. Most of the websites you come across online only give interpretations of isolated aspects without taking into consideration how these aspects work in isolation or together with other factors.

If you must know, individual transits and aspects cancel each other out while some others magnify and increase the intensity of another element in the chart. AI or Artificial Intelligence cannot explain these transitions to you. Our expert astrologers, however, can identify all aspects, no matter how challenging they are. The astrologers at Itastrology have several years of experience, and many of them have read hundreds of charts over the years. So you see, the results of several years of experience cannot be compared to a few sentences generated by a computer. Our astrologers will give you an in-depth analysis, whereas artificial intelligence only provides you with an inconclusive summary.

As for Chart interpretations, they can be complicated since hundreds of factors are to be considered, and computers can only explain one factor. Even still, they are not able to provide an extensive and accurate breakdown of the factors they can interpret and how these factors work about others.

At Itastrologers, our experts can provide you with clear insights into the purpose of your life and aid you in developing your sense of self-worth as a human being through the understanding of your spirituality. The amount of spiritual knowledge and information you gain from one on one interactions with our experts is worth more than what a computer-generated reading can give you. We have so many experienced astrologers who will provide you with detailed personalized text and forecast. Visit our website today and scan through our team of professionals to order any of our customized astrology services that will suit your needs.