Trump PTM 2015 to 2019
Donald Trump’s Progressed Time Map (PTN), is based on the day- for- a- year Secondary system, where every day after birth, represents a year. In the graph, the transit Time Map from Solar Fire is set for as many days as years after birth. Each day after birth, is labeled with the Real-Time date represented by 0h on the progressed day in the PTM.
Because the PTM is based on the transits after birth, the progressed planets are marked (t) while the natals are marked (n). The time line is divided into three points. (E) Entering, when the aspect approaches orb (-1°). (X) Exact, where the orb is exact. (0°) (L) Leaving, when the aspect is past orb (+1°) Thus, one has a graphic and dynamic picture, of the ebb and flow of planetary tidal forces across Donald Trump’s natal chart.
It is an useful tool, in seeing the trends during the five years covered by the PTM. To see the exact EXL dates, the reader should brush the mouse courser over the Blue Arrows next to the aspect. These are sticky notes, and will pop up a window, giving the EXL dates. Please download file, before attempting to use the Blue arrow sticky notes.

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