Cities and Stars_2017
This a contribution to Location and Timing Astrology (LTA) It is a list of 44 bright stars Zodiacal and Extra-Zodiacal, along with the listings of their Declinations and Right Ascensions, ex-precessed for the epoch 2017.08.

A star will be on the Zenith or Nader at locations equal to their declinations. If the location is in the the north, and the star has north declination, then it will be on the Zenith, in the northern hemisphere at a latitude equal to its declination. Like wise,, if the location is in the southern hemisphere, and the Star has south declamation, it will be on the Zenith in locations equal to its south declination. However, should the declination and latitude have opposites names, then the star will be on the Nader, at latitudes equal to its declination.

Note: At the moment, not all of the links in the latitude index will work, when the paper is viewed on the website. I am working to correct this problem. In the mean time, to assure proper viewing, please download the paper from the site before viewing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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