Simon Forman the Astrologer

Simon Forman the Astrologer

Simon Forman was an Astrologer in the Time of Elizabethan England. He is something of a notorious fugue, participating both Astrology and Physic (Medicinal) the latter without license. He had clients from the top of Elizabethan society, to its lowest end. He kept meticulous of all of his clients and these have been made available to the modern reader in British historian A.L. Rowse’s seminal work Sex and Society in Shakespeare’s Age (Charles Scribner’s Sons NY 1974)

Forman kept records not only on his clients lives, in vivid detail, but on himself as well. That allowed this writer to use key events in Foreman’s life and rectify his natal horoscope, form the time given by the native himself. This paper is a demonstration of rectification techniques, applied to a historical figure.

Secondary Progression

This method, Using Julian Day Numbers is quit easy and far more elegant then the old Fagan Neo-SNQ, with Day Numbers starting in March. It also allows for reverse calculation. that is from Progressed date and UT to Real-Time Date and UT.

Secondry progressed simplex_V 1124_-corrected

The 2012-13 WIC SSR

WIC 2013 SSR

The Washington Inaugural Chart (WIC) is the chart for the Office of the President of the United States. (POTUS) This chart reflect what will take place in the office and what become of holder of the office. The solar Return of this chart (SSR) reflects the years events, as regards POTUS. It holds the year’s portents, both for the office and its holder.

The Parans of Aldebaran and Antares

Parans of Aldebaran and Antares