United States Progressed Time Map 2010-2019

USDIC PTM 2010-2019 The United States Declaration of Independence Progressed Time Map is based on the day for a year system, where every day after birth represents a year. In the graph, the transit Time Map from Solar Fire is set for as many days as years after birth. Each day after birth, is labled with the year that it represents. Thus, one has a graphic and dynamic picture, of the ebb and flow of planarity tidal forces across the U.S. natal chart. It is a useful tool, in seeing the trends during each decade.

Determining the Date, Time and Place of a Horoscope

Determining the Date, Time and Location of a horoscope
This paper was is a a technical contribution. It was published the Indian Astrology journal Saptarishis Astrology in the quarter issue 1995.
I demonstrates how one can determine, the date, time and location of an unmarked horoscope. One need only have access to a high grade astrological program like Solar Fire (Used in this paper), a scientific pocket calculator, and a bit of Spherical Trigonometry to solve such a problem. This is useful in recovering otherwise opaque birth data.

Cities and Stars

Cities and Stars_2017
This a contribution to Location and Timing Astrology (LTA) It is a list of 44 bright stars Zodiacal and Extra-Zodiacal, along with the listings of their Declinations and Right Ascensions, ex-precessed for the epoch 2017.08.

A star will be on the Zenith or Nader at locations equal to their declinations. If the location is in the the north, and the star has north declination, then it will be on the Zenith, in the northern hemisphere at a latitude equal to its declination. Like wise,, if the location is in the southern hemisphere, and the Star has south declamation, it will be on the Zenith in locations equal to its south declination. However, should the declination and latitude have opposites names, then the star will be on the Nader, at latitudes equal to its declination.

Note: At the moment, not all of the links in the latitude index will work, when the paper is viewed on the website. I am working to correct this problem. In the mean time, to assure proper viewing, please download the paper from the site before viewing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Power Elite in the Age of Trump

The Power Elite in the age of Trump

This is written in response to an article that I read on Alternet. It has to do with the effect that Donald Trump, and his bad of renegades and thugs is having on the Washington Power Elite. The damage that he is doing will not go away after his administration passes into history. It will take a decade or more to undo that damage. I am hopeful, in the long term, but not the short.
This is a decade long study based on the US natal Progressed Time Map (USDIC PTM) 2010-2019. This is a graphic representation of the progressed planets to each other and to the natal planets. Each day in the graph represents a year in the nations life. Each progressed Day in the graph is marked with the year that it represents.

Simon Forman the Astrologer

Simon Forman the Astrologer
Simon Forman was an Astrologer in the Time of Elizabethan England. He is something of a notorious fugue, participating both Astrology and Physic (Medicinal) the latter without license. He had clients from the top of Elizabethan society, to its lowest end. He kept meticulous of all of his clients and these have been made available to the modern reader in British historian A.L. Rowse’s seminal work Sex and Society in Shakespeare’s Age (Charles Scribner’s Sons NY 1974)

Forman kept records not only on his clients lives, in vivid detail, but on himself as well. That allowed this writer to use key events in Foreman’s life and rectify his natal horoscope, form the time given by the native himself. This paper is a demonstration of rectification techniques, applied to a historical figure.

Secondary Progression

This method, Using Julian Day Numbers is quit easy and far more elegant then the old Fagan Neo-SNQ, with Day Numbers starting in March. It also allows for reverse calculation. that is from Progressed date and UT to Real-Time Date and UT.

Secondry progressed simplex_V 1124_-corrected

The Parans of Aldebaran and Antares

Parans of Aldebaran and Antares